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CEO Student FAQ's

You apply to be in the CEO class.  There’s an essay portion, and then recommended forms from your school and from other important people in your life that you select.  The essay gives you the opportunity to make the case for what you bring to CEO and what you hope to get from it.  GPA is not a factor in deciding who gets into the class.  See your school counselor and ask how to apply for CEO.  It will either be a digital or paper application depending on your community. 

If you are trustworthy and have a good work ethic, you’re a good candidate.  If you have these two characteristics, you’ll do fine and have a tremendous experience.  If you don’t, CEO is probably not the place for you.

The CEO class is a lot of work but it's not like homework assignments that you typically find in school. When you own your work and behavior, when you start a real business, there's just work to do. You'll find that you view it in a much different way than you view traditional homework.

You’ll learn more than you can imagine.  Some of it is about business, of course-it’s an entrepreneurship class.  You’ll also learn how to think entrepreneurially, and you’ll learn some skills that are really critical for success in life.  You’ll learn about problem solving, communication, collaborating, and doing what you say when you say you’ll do it.  You’ll learn these things by doing, and by being around people who know all about them.

CEO meets every day for 90 minutes. Classes typically meet early in the morning.

Each CEO class sets its own criteria, but you should be expect to be graded on two main points: Is it your best work? Is it on time? Everything you do as a CEO student is designed to give you real world experience, and that's how you'll be judged in the professional world. It's easy to get an A-just do your best work and do it on time!

Don't worry. Students come into class every year not knowing what type of business they want to run. You'll tour dozens of businesses and meet dozens of business owners, and that's when the ideas start to flow.

CEO is still the right place for you. We also train intrepreneurs, people who think entrepreneurially but work within a company as opposed to owning their own business.

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