Lexi Murray

About Me

Hello my name is Alexis Murray, but please call me Lexi. I am a senior at Fisher High School and my individual business is Murray Seed Cover Crop retail. I joined CEO because I admire the program so much because of how I have seen people grow throughout the program, and I believe that it has helped me not only grow as a person but as an entrepreneur. I believe that it has shown me a lot that I did not know existed in my small community, and has inspired me to be a part of it. This coming fall I plan to enroll in the parkland pathways program for Agronomy and Ag Business and eventually join my families operation. I am a seventh generation farmer living on my families operation, and helping in anyway I can. My family also sells pioneer seed which is a large forward thinking corporation that we have proudly been a part of for almost 50 years. Through the inspiration of this growing business I am looking to do something similar with another company called Midwest Grass and Forage out of Macomb, IL. I am highly involved in my community in any way I can through volunteer work for different events such as the local fair, and doing my best to help whenever there is a need. I am very involved in my church, FFA, school. and have completed my senior season of volleyball, and playing my final season of basketball as well. When asked how I would describe myself I would say trustworthy, dependable, hardworking, my dad would say stubborn, but honest, kind, respectful, responsible, and always going to do my best to complete everything I do effectively, efficiently, and with utmost respect, precision, and composure. I hope to talk to you soon about helping you in your future in the cover crop industry and how we can further your productivity on your hometown operation. Thank you to all that help to keep their communities strong and roots grown deep in our small town USA.

About My Business

Interested in protecting your farm's soil health? Want to know more about the benefits that cover crops provide? Lexi has turned her passion into a business with Murray Cover Crops!