Brock Phillips

About Me

Brock Phillips is a senior at GCMS High school. As a member of Prairieland CEO Brock wishes to learn how businesses run at every level. He loves seeing the mass cooperation that can occur in order for a company to run. At his school he is an extremely ambitious student who loves to challenge himself. He is the President of the FBLA program, and the High School's Representative Board Member at the Gibson City Food Pantry. He is a very hardworking student, as he also works part time cooking at his local Dairy Queen! As well as working and going to school, Brock is an avid fisherman. If he ever finds time early in the morning or late at night, you will see him casting into lakes near Gibson City. 






DISC Characteristics

  • Competitive personally and professionally
  • Sociable and outgoing, optomistic attitude, likes to converse, trusts others, would be an effective coach or counselor
  • If insufficient order and structure exist, he will create it
  • Works well independently, desires practicality in rules and protocol, can be a bit of a rule bender