Anneliese Kerchenfaut

About Me

Anneliese is a Senior at GCMS High School. Anneliese joined Prairieland CEO because she wanted to learn more about the business field. She wants to learn how to start, run, and organize a business. Anneliese hopes to one day run her own successful business and learn how to make money through multiple streams of income. 


When Anneliese is not in her CEO class, she participates in many school and community activities. She is a GCMS cheerleader and takes leadership roles such as being a class officer for the class of 2022, the GCMS FFA secretary, and is a student council member. She has future plans to graduate high school and go to college. She is still undecided on the college she will attend, but she is planning on studying international business. Anneliese would like to also study abroad in college to experience living in a different country and to learn a new language. Anneliese’s biggest goal in life is to travel the world while experiencing the cultures of each country. 






DISC Characteristics

  • Appreciates time to think things through and evaluate options, can be indecisive under high pressure, self critical, open to deferring decisions to others
  • Gregarious, likes to help others, high trust level for others, seeks freedom of speech and expression, warm, open and excellent at interacting with others
  • Stabilizes others, steadfast and dependable, high degree of self control, seeks sufficient clarification, will create structure and order when needed
  • Practical and realistic, sees rules as guidelines, can be seen as a bit of a rule bender, likes to act as "own person" instead of following the norm