Ethan Donaldson

About Me

Ethan is a Junior at PBL high school. Ethan joined the CEO program because he wanted something new and he wanted to get a new understanding for how businesses function.Ethan hopes to have a functioning independent business and an understanding of how to manage money in a business. At school Ethan is on the golf and basketball team. Ethan volunteers in his community by doing peace meals when he can find the time. Ethan spends any other free time golfing. 






DISC Characteristics

  • Leads by doing not delegating, sets examples rather than instructing, can be overly self critical, prefers environments that require specialty work or technical mastery
  • Stabilizing force, likes a balance of team work and individual work, doesn't let others emotions cloud the bigger issues, prefers to work alone for important tasks, likes to support and work with others
  • Predictable, "go-to" person in high pressure situations, desires a high level of structure and order, dislikes personal conflicts and hostility, always appears calm, cool and collected even when not, can be resistant to change
  • Excellent at gathering detailed information, skeptical of unproven new ideas or fads, prefers a neat and clean environment, excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills, likes explanation, thinks its important to adhere to specific and detailed instructions or procedures