Jesse Barfield

About Me

Jesse is a senior at PBL High School in Paxton. He is interested in attending culinary school when he graduates. He loves cooking, traveling and shopping for clothes. Jesse is president of student council and he is also on the robotics team and serves as the Presentation Leader. Jesse's favorite places he has traveled to are San Francisco and South Carolina.


Jesse joined the CEO program in hopes of starting his own business and gaining new contacts in the business world. He currently works at Monicals in Paxton as a server, hostess and pizza maker. 







DISC Characteristics

  • Migrates toward difficult assignments and opportunities for advancement, seeks freedom and variety, motivated by challenge, decisive, risk taker, selective listener when stressed
  • Prefers democratic not dictatorial relationships, prefers environments with ample people contact, prefers a work place with a social environment, meets new people confidently, charming, could be more organized and attentive to details
  • Relaxed and open approach to work and deadlines, fairly resistant to change, demonstrates high follow-through, calming influence to others who are upset, high sense of loyalty to rules and regs that cover people, projects, and processes
  • Prefers environments that offer independence vs. direct control, sees rules as guidelines, prefers variety, bottom line oriented, operates independently of established rules and procedures