Alex Jones

About Me

Alex is Junior at PBL high school. Alex joined CEO because he wants to start his own business and CEO is the perfect opportunity to learn how to get started. Alex hopes to learn how to run a business and deal with all the finances that come with a business. At school Alex is on the Golf and Math team. Alex spends his free time golfing and hanging out with his friends. 






DISC Characteristics

  • Can be indecisive under high pressure, prefers work environments that aren't pressured or filled with constant change, modest in dealing with others, self critical, support of decisions made by others
  • Ready to converse, likes to deal with and through people, optimistic, sociable and outgoing, prefers environments with people contact
  • High degree of self control, steadfast and dependable, will create order and structure when needed, calming influence on others, believes rules exist for a reason
  • Prefers defined proven ways of doing things, resistant to change and disorder, critical thinker when problem solving, tactful, respectful, appreciates getting it done right the first time